I’m sitting here watching Gutfeld!, waiting for J to get off work.

Fox uses the same news filler insert about the Ukrainian blood bath at the 30 minute break as it did at the start of the show.

This guided tour of Bedlam continues. We never cease our amazement and amusement over the antics. of the mad. What was 2020’s disinformation has now been authenticated by The Grey Lady. aka The New York Times. The Biden laptop story is now being recycled, the way we reuse the plastic take away dinnerware from Cracker Barrel. So Hunter Biden really is the train wreck depicted in the laptop

I took a nap in hopes it would morph into full blown sleep. No luck. This explains why I’m now watching Gutfeld!. Gutfeld can make us laugh at what’s happening, by taking our focus off Ukraine, if only for an hour.

The spectacle of American material wealth amid American spiritual emptiness is the great takeaway from twenty-first century television. In case you were wondering what can lift your spirits during War and after Plague, it’s more stuff, an electric vehicle, a tropical vacation (with or without a zip line), Botox, a new contraceptive. This is the Stuff Cycle of 2022. We have to wait for the next Christmas season to see what will cure us in 2023. Forty years ago, Jordache Jeans and a Sony Walkman were supposed to satisfy us. And now, aTesla and a trip to Jamaica will be the panacea.

Poverty and Chastity never looked so good, but then that pesky Obedience vow creeps in. And that tells me the purpose of my life can’t be self-gratification. Whatever you do, don’t let God spoil your fun.