Gourmet, Down South

A few of the people who read my blog are familiar with the culinary delights of the American South. Smithfield Ham, real fried chicken, sweet potato pie, greens (turnip, kale, collards) cooked with smoked ham or a smoked ham hock. Southern cooking, along with football and Evangelical Protestantism are what create a Southern Culture that goes beyond racial identifiers.

I just enjoyed a sliced of fresh cornbread with dark molasses. The molasses have a sweet strong taste that complements the cornbread. It is a simple pleasure. My Dad was quite fond of sorghum molasses. He would go out of his way to look for it. Sorghum is a grain, similar to corn (maize*) and millet. It is native to Africa. Here I sit, trainspotting, reveling in my warm, dry house. Life is good.

*In America, when we say corn, we are specifically referring to maize. We don’t use corn as a generic term as other parts of the English speaking world. sometimes do.