“Shackled To A Corpse”

So said a staff officer in the Reichswehr of Wilhelmine Germany in 1914. He was assessing the alliance with the Austro-Hungarian Empire with whom Germany marched to war after the catastrophe at Sarajevo. Some leaders could see the looming disaster relentlessly unfolding, as events became uncontrollable.

The American political scene changed, irreversibly, in 2016. It cannot be reset. The American people are now chafing under the impediments to their freedom. A Christmas lockdown will be ignored, pandemic be damned.

Right now, some of the finest trial lawyers in America are building a case of ballot-tampering and electoral fraud against the Democratic Party and its Presidential/Vice-Presidential Ticket. It is a complex and yet simple case with computer fraud, and good old-fashioned fraudulent illegal voting.

Faced with a loss attributable to electoral fraud in 1960, Richard Nixon folded. He let Kennedy get away with it. Donald Trump, love him or hate him, is NOT Richard Nixon. He is not conceding yet, because he has not officially, legally lost.

The cases will go through the courts. Trump could fail. And there, available to public and Congressional scrutiny is the abundant evidence gathered that is the substance of Trump’s case. That evidence will not disappear. It will be entered into court records. They will be the millstones around Biden’s and Harris’s necks. Biden and Harris will have problems governing if their legitimacy steadily erodes.

Assuming Biden takes the oath of office in January, he will be a President propped up by the Bad Guys of contemporary America, Wall Street moguls that strip Americans of their jobs and dignity, high tech plutocrats from Silicon Valley, a legacy broadcast and print media, increasingly discredited and ignored. Add in Marxist street gangs, like Antifa, a threat that Biden fails to censure.

Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. has rapidly diminishing mental capacity. Kamala Harris, his Vice President, was chosen for her superficial qualities, her sex and race. Fifty two years ago, Nixon chose Spiro Agnew for the superficial strategic reason of coming from Maryland, a Border State. Border State pedigree was considered important in the political calculus of 1968.

We know how things turned out. The festering mess of Watergate caused Nixon’s downfall. An unvetted Spiro Agnew resigned when his corruption surfaced. The Watergate cover-up was the crime at the core of Nixon’s reelection, kind of like the doctored algorithms, dead people voting, and illegal vote counts of 2020.

What will Congressional Democrats, particularly Senators, do when a weak, demented President attempts to govern? If Biden proves himself to be the marionette people think he is, the Democrats will abandon him.They will see Biden’s puppet masters are the universally disliked plutocrats, Big Tech, Wall Streeters, the modern day robber barons, those villains of pre-World War One America. These characters care not a whit for American sovereignty, or American workers. What prudent politician wishes to be shackled to those corpses?

Washington D. C. is a de facto court, in the mold of Versailles, or Constantinople. The courtiers, i.e. politicians, lobbyists, military officers, civil servants, engage in intramural intrigues that are repugnant to most Americans. Donald Trump was the yokel whom the courtiers had to answer to. And they hate him because he is not one of them.

What the Democrats don’t get is that Trump is a champion of a broader movement, that will endure after Trump leaves the scene, whether in 2021 or 2025 or 2029. The American People don’t want the globalist visions of Bill Gates, The Clintons, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, or most significantly, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of The People’s Republic of China.


I am back to say I’m gone. I’m through blogging.

It’s not about politics. But it is. I’ve changed as a person over the years. For my own sanity, I’m no longer sharing any observations, thoughts, or feelings about anything.

All of you are wonderful people. I wish you all the best. This is the end

Up Early, But Very Different


I am not the type who thinks he is led by The Holy Spirit to do much of anything until The Holy Spirit comes crashing in. He doesn’t just knock on the door of my consciousness, He burglarizes it.

This morning I awoke around 3:45, nothing odd there. I check the train schedule, see that Train #98 the Northbound Silver Meteor is running on time. I dress and go downstairs to watch it pass through Ashland on the Virtual Railfan Ashland Live You Tube Channel.

And this is where things changed. I turn on the television, switch the channel to EWTN, the Catholic channel. The program special, A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing, a biography of the Leftist (Marxist?) radical Saul Alinsky was being presented. It put into context the Leftist/Marxist infiltration of the Roman Catholic Church and how the so-called “Social Justice” movement has diverted The Church from Her Mission of bringing souls to God.

The questions followed. What am I doing? Whom do I want to follow? Who or what owns my life? You know, all the questions we avoid facing, because we know we won’t like the answers. All of the steps I took, the decisions I made that malformed and misdirected my life came into focus.

I needed to see that program and the following program, unrelated to the first, about chastity education and human sexuality. It was a perfect segue, because I came of age during the “sexual revolution”. I acquired a lot of notions around human sexuality that did not serve who I am as a human being and a child of God.

I have a lot of “unlearning” and deconstruction to perform. I feel or I suspect I am not alone. The falsehoods of the last fifty years, maybe one hundred fifty years that shaped my life are becoming apparent in the present turmoil. This redirection is a daunting, but not hopeless, task.

Some of you, and many of my nonblogging friends, will think I am off on another tangent. I, too, wonder that. But the time is “out of joint”, as Shakespeare, put it. The working synthesis of Progressive Thought has exhausted itself, lost its momentum. The inhumanity of atheistic materialism is all too apparent. The dystopias of Huxley and Orwell loom before us. Human beings can choose to be the commodities that social planners would like us to be. The unborn and the aged are now but the most expendable of these human commodities. The fate of the aborted and the euthanized will soon come to all of us, if the demonic has its way.

Unless. We. Change.

Sitting Here…..


, ,

…..thinking about eating. I do this a lot. Food is my drug of choice. Flavors and taste, aroma, the act of chewing, masticating a cube of, say, stew meat as the tastes of the spices cross my palette. Then the willing submission of a banana, when the salivary amylases make quick work of Mother Nature’s phallus of sugar.

….thinking about my sexual need. Longing to have my prick, teased and pulled, rubbed and fondled, hardened by an all-enveloping mouth, then thrust into a wet and eager cunt.

….wondering when my wife will come home, to give her narrative of labour in the Big Red Store. She will recount the sale of disinfectant wipes and Tide© Pods.

An aside: Did you know that women once made a vaginal douche from Lysol©!? In my youth, there was a drawing of a woman in a nurse’s cap, sharing the, uh, “recipe” on a panel of the carton. I didn’t know about douching given my anatomical limitation. Still. My skin is crawling.

Another aside: The poet Vachel Lindsay committed suicide by drinking a bottle of lye. (Drano©)

… waiting for trains to pass. The Virtual Railfan microphone picks up ambient music. There is someone who likes 70’s “soft rock” music or whatever you call the musical idiom where Tony Orlando & Dawn are classified. People are walking about crossing the tracks, until the next train passes. The freight trains have hauled intermodal freight, tanker cars, bulk chemicals, and refuse destined for a landfill. The Amtrak trains carry people, all masked and socially distanced. Most likely they aren’t thinking about Lysol© douches.

This is my Sunday, so far.

There Is Always Russia

It is 3:00 AM in Richmond, Virginia USA. In Moscow, Russia it is 10:00 AM. The faithful are worshipping at a magnificent Chutch filled with icons. They are chanting their chant form, знамены,

This is the Russia that defeated Hitler, the Russia that tossed out the Communists after 75 years. The spine of this nation are the women in baboushkas, dressed for a morning in the 40s (8°C).

The priests reverence the altar, the Body and Blood of Our Lord have been sanctified. The camera now zooms in on an icon , most likely from the 18th, possibly the 19th Century, Madonna and Child.

As a people the Russians prevailed over Hitler, then Stalin. They wear the masks against COVID, but do not practice rigid social distancing. A virus doesn’t phase them that much. They chant, along with choir. A grandfather holds his granddaughter as they reverence two icons.

The people who know they are sick, who ask for healing will receive it.

I should go back to bed.

Not A Time For “Gotcha’s”



I have been watching a major American political party collapse over the course of the past year.

We’ve seen the culmination of several ongoing scandals, involving money at the core, in just the last week.

We have a juvenile understanding of politics in America, on a par with how we follow sports teams and athletes. We are basically fans, giving only secondary consideration to how our team and standard bearers will exercise power once they attain it.

The major parties, Democratic and Republican are more analogous to sports conferences, The National Conference and The American Conference if you will. Within the party/conference are factions analogous to teams, e.g. The Clinton Faction or The Bush Faction. A party faction in power would dole out the largesse, such as cabinet positions, ambassidorships, a ride on the space shuttle, an unmerited burial in Arlington National Cemetery.

The House of Cards began its collapse in 2016 when an outsider ran for President and won. All of a sudden how the parties did business came under scrutiny. Within the administrative state, career civil servants wielded power, unelected power, though many did have a party affiliation. A young civil servant may begin their career 25-30 years ago when one Party gains power, then rise to high levels of authority as the party to which they are affiliated gains or regains power. They are ideaologically sympatico with one party or the other, and will exercise their partisanship on their federal government job, rather than merely at the ballot box.

Were the partisanship just limited to protecting, say, the snail darter or Common Core, the prejudice would be annoying but not overbearing or too detrimental. But what happens when the political faction leaders are corrupt, e.g. they enrich themselves and their families / cronies? The party loyalty of the career bureaucrat enables the corruption of the faction leader to flourish.

Civil servants in the Department of Justice tried to “throw” the 2016 election. They failed in their mission and were caught.

Now corrupt figures in the previous administration (Obama/ Biden) have been discovered. Family members of administration leaders are alleged to have taken millions, perhaps billions, of dollars from potential adversaries of the United States of America.

Discovering corruption is no longer a “gotcha” moment. The question of leadership and service by loyal elected officials has now been raised. There no longer exists any perverse sense of smug satisfaction.

This is a tragedy beyond calculation. The nation has been damaged, on a par with not merely the 9/11 attacks or the Watergate cover-up, but Pearl Harbor. Actually the damage done is more like Fort Sumter, because we’ve done this to ourselves.

Words Fail

I have nothing to say.

There is pain, heartache and I don’t know why.

I have a good life. I’m grateful for the blessings in my life.

I have walked away from many things that offer only regret and grief.

Hope this feeling is over soon.

Typically Woke At 3:00 AM



It is 3:13 AM Eastern Time, North America. I am watching a Russian Orthodox Liturgy from somewhere in Russia. It must be a special day because the cathedral is well attended for a Thursday morning.

I have been busy the past couple of days, throwing trash out, putting boxes away,vacuuming dusty carpets, and cleaning in general. It is an oddly sad time, the clutter is like an old friend, as is the chaos, it exemplifies.

Back to the Russians, for a moment. These monks can sing!!! A Capella. There is no organ.

The Russians don’t seem particularly worried or guilty about being white. We Americans think that the garbage, literally garbage in some cases, we fret about are the concerns of the entire world. Truth be told, some very powerful people want to, like to, strive to, mess with your head. By that I mean, disturb your world view to make you and everybody else more receptive to their point of view. Uncharitably, we denounce such activity as ” brain washing”, or propagandizing, but if you, or a loved one is involved in this enterprise, then chances are, you prefer the term “Public Relations”.

I will not participate in the collective lie about “white privilege”. Sorry. I’m white and my life is pretty damn difficult. The scourge of substance abuse has affected me. I have known loss, betrayal, estrangement, the death of loved ones same as everyone else. If you cut me, I will bleed, just like Shylock

I’ve had enough..