I’m sitting on the front porch, drinking an iced coffee. Tobey the Pit Bull came by for Newman’s Own Peanut Butter Dog Treats. He is twelve now, as cute as only a dog can be. He moves toward my house(and the treats) whenever I’m on the porch. Yes, it is priceless.

I’m reading an anthology Best Lesbian Love Stories 2005. The authors write good stories. Since I’m a cis heterosexual male, I can say with some authority that these stories are readily approachable to all iterations of human being who read them. Good writers can do that, build bridges, without being obvious, sanctimonious, or supercilious. It’s amazing what you can hear, if you’re willing to listen.

I see clouds rolling in. I guess it will rain tomorrow.

It feels like Small Town USA out here today. All who’s missing are Robert Preston and Shirley Jones.

Later Folks.