An update, I suppose, is in order. Been too long since I posted anything. I knew that I was going to be disabled for almost a year. After my rotator cuff repair in May, I knew that a laminactomy and spinal fusion at L4-L5  was next. What I didn’t know was that an infected wisdom tooth needed to come out. Major surgery with an active infected site in the body is a no-no. So the wisdom tooth came out, followed by a three week wait for the body to be clear of infection. Then just as the decent interval had passed, I got another infection at the site so more antibiotics and the surgery schedule was reset.

Finally on 17 November, the big day came. The surgeon opened me up and went to work.  I have titanium screws in my back and grafted bone tissue (from an unknown tissue donor. God bless you for checking the box on your drivers license application).  I have been healing ever since.

Part of the recovery and the recommended physical therapy  is walking. Good old walking. We have been fortunate on the East Coast to have a relatively mild winter so far. So I have been walking a lot. The other day, the only really cold day so far, I saw an Eastern Bluebird on my walk. I hope their migration patterns haven’t been interrupted by the unseasonable warmth.  Yesterday I saw a hawk attempt to grab a squirrel for dinner. He missed.  Today I saw a white squirrel. We have a colony of these critters in the ‘hood.

After my walk, I did a cool-down stroll and chatted it up with the neighbors. The socializing is fun.

Then came my shower, my nice hot shower, with the water pouring over my body taking the tension away. What luxury!

I missed writing. I hope people bother to check me out.