Last night I dreamt I was selling printing equipment in a strange room where large pieces of equipment kept materialising . Strange cataclysmic events were occurring, like wind and a flood. I was in Richmond in the dream and all these things were happening here. Floods from the James River used to be problematic until a dike ( not that kind ) was constructed The job in the dream felt like a mashup of every suck-y sales job I ever had.

I got a call from the Doctor that my lab values say I have to eliminate carbs, lose weight and double my metformin dosage. No surprise there. So I’m all down for that.

There’s this big empty hole in me. I start singing and talking about odd things There is me that simply wants to come out and fuck my wife without a lot of asking and negotiating. She would wear makeup, perfume and lingerie. She would also talk dirty and suck my cock and not worry about bullshit. We could live in the moment and stop looking at Senior Living gulags, writing advance medical directives and planning our funerals.

I could leave… but I won’t.