It’s not every day one can stare into the face of Evil and see Evil smile back at us. Vladimir Putin has this proclivity. It is easy to understand why. He doesn’t want us to know what he is thinking. That he has twisted the grandeur and spiritual depth of the Russian Orthodox Church into the “civilised” veneer of his oligarchy is, in retrospect, all too obvious. That the Russian faithful no longer have to practice their faith secretly is a blessing. However Putin ignores Church teaching on moral questions like a just war and civil governance. He does so at his own peril, not only of his grip on power, but of his immortal soul.

In America, I have watched the mask that is the smile of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. The Senate would appreciate some insights in to her judicial philosophy, if she even has one. Now I don’t care if she is a Progressive in the tradition of Justice Ginsburg or even an anti-Catholic fanatic like Justice Black, just let us know. She knows damn well what a woman is. But, upon her appointment to The Supreme Court, Jackson may have the unenviable challenge to redefine “woman” in a case before the Court. Her cordial evasiveness is completely understandable.

I don’t know how much longer Western Civilisation can ignore or contort the fundamental truths that define us. Orwell’s chilling example of the illogic of “2+2=5” is slowly moving toward acceptance. But acceptance of a falsehood does not make that falsehood truth. If one can make Lia Thomas a female by fiat, what other mischief can be perpetrated on the truth?

Lord, deliver us from clever people!