My physical therapist wants me to swim as part of rehabilitating my neck with its pinched nerve. Today I went swimming. I was slow, but I felt good. I went a mile. The fears and considerations I possessed seem so trivial now. They always do, once I resume swimming or walking, after a hiatus.

At lunch, while eating a “white pizza” , I realised I may just as well buy a salt block at a farm supply store and lick that for my daily sodium intake. It is almost that ridiculous how much salt I ingest. while we’re on the subject of poor nutrition habits, I confess to eating sizeable amounts of carbohydrates, bread, crackers, whatever.

What I fall back into around my health and fitness is a paradigm about “getting back in shape” that doesn’t serve me. I’m out of shape, overweight, then I “get serious”. I lose weight, work out regularly and attain some goals.Then I stop. After a few months it’s back to where I was, physically, mentally, emotionally at a nadir.

The cycle is mentally exhausting. I punish myself for feeling good

Totally Nuts!