The issues with the pinched nerve and pain, numbness, and tingling in my right shoulder and arm continue. Physical Therapy helps, as does activity in general. I did a walk yesterday. The walking antagonises my left hip. The pain from my left hip complements the pain in my right shoulder.

My wife actually willingly touched, rubbed, caressed my left forearm early this morning. It was nonsexual touching, but it was touching nevertheless.

I’ve been watching lectures and discussions on Tantric. To me it is an approach to sexuality that should fit well with the ideals of sexual intimacy within a traditional marriage paradigm. That’s going a long ways to say it’s good and positive for married couples.

#1 Son continues to progress in his recovery from a TBI. #2 Son calls me when he is grocery shopping, because my familiarity with the Publix store layout helps him find things.

Do couples still pack food in a covered basket and drive out to a pleasant spot on a sunny day to have a picnic? Do they spread a blanket on the ground and just sit down or lie down and talk? Manet did a painting with a picnic as the subject. His painting had strong erotic undertones. ( Manet died of syphilis, by the way).

My head is in one of this spaces where thoughts pass through like an express train. The writing produced there from can be a little disjointed or scatter shot.

It’s Monday. I’m retired, accountable to no one for what I do with my time. If I want to go inside and take a nap, I can. I just might do exactly that.