I am awake. I am watching the Ukrainian metal detecting guys , as they work over a recently ploughed field somewhere in Ukraine. They are finding artefacts from a span of roughly three hundred years, from the Romanovs to the Soviet Union. These guys never cease to astonish me.

I am back to swimming, back to feeling alive, somewhat randy, and appreciative of the world about me. The three seem to go together, sustained physical activity, heightened awareness and sexual desire. Go figure.

I’m delayed in my home tidying, decluttering project along the lines of the Marie Kondo methods. I get little support from J, for whatever reasons she may have. I just need to press on.

I have discovered video streaming , having purchased a little device from Amazon. Coupled with video library of the Internet Archive, I can view all manner of stuff to no end, without using Netflix or Hulu or any other streaming service. Today I watched old home movies, discarded by those who inherited them, for whom old movies of Easter, Christmas , or Passover Seders hold less interest than they did to their creators. Our gain is the fruit of their indifference.

Right now, I’m hungry. J and I are going out to eat. I know I want a Coke. That’s for starters, but I’ll settle for coffee or iced tea. Sugar. Ya know?