I’m a trainspotter, as my regular readers know. Today I was watching the North / South CSX double tracked line that passes through Ashland, Virginia. (YouTube virtual rail fan llc/ Ashland Va)

Passing Northbound was a train hauling empty coal cars, while a Southbound freight was hauling coal cars full of coal. The coal was either headed to coal-fired American power plants or the coal was bound for export, most likely to The People’s Republic of China. The Chinese burn coal, plenty of it.

Mistakenly, we think all that BTU-rich fossil fuel is staying in the ground, thanks to this Administration’s commitment to slowing the rate of climate change. Well it ain’t. Jen Psaki can read some release explaining why this load of coal is headed down the tracks, ultimately to vex the asthmatics of Beijing. The Climate Change True Believers will accept whatever is said.

But a big-ass train pulling coal tells me that whatever is said in the White House Media Center is just so much fluff, clouds of it, or more likely smoke.

Cognitive Dissonance. That’s the phrase the brain washers use when their lies conflict with the truth, except they want us to believe that the False is True. But I see that train a’comin’, and it’s hauling coal. Somebody(ies) is (/are) making a bundle of money off this. And those somebodies don’t care which man with the bad comb-over has his keester parked in the Oval Office.

It’s a bitch to admit that all this idealistic verbiage coming from The Progressive Democrats are prevarications, but they are. Kind of like Vietnam. We were winning,remember? All that was needed for “victory” were a few thousand more troops and a few billion more dollars. What they didn’t tell you were the billions of dollars went to defence contractors who were Lyndon Johnson’s buddies and campaign contributors.

You didn’t learn that in school. I wonder why.