OK Dave, just what the Hell is this rant about?”

Glad you asked. Succinctly put (excuse the bold type).

We really do have enough.

The brainwashing is the notion, put into heads, like Downey in the rinse cycle, that we are lacking something. And because we lack something, we NEED MORE! Doesn’t matter what, we need more. And Amazon and e-Bay and Etsy are there to provide it. If you don’t need something, what about Mom, Dad, the kids, that baby your friend Phyllis is having?

Never fucking ends. Doesn’t matter if you love Trump or hate Trump, if you march during Pride 🏳️‍🌈 Month, The March For Life 👶 , or both, we’re all roped in.

“Dave, I’m above all this. I know what the Mad Men are up to. I’m too smart for their little games.”

But you aren’t. There’s your unspoken deficiency, perhaps you aren’t even aware of it, that has you looking for more knowledge or information, that has you seeking that something that gives you your imaginary “edge”. This is your edge that allows you to dominate others and avoid others dominating you, if only in your imagination. You will pay to keep that edge eternally honed.

I came to this conclusion this morning when I came downstairs, looked at a house full of books I ordered online over the last six years that I’ve never even read. I plan to, mind you. Then I’ll be The Expert on The JFK Assassination, the Communist Infiltration of the State Department during the FDR Administration, the nefarious plotting of The CIA, et cetera, ad nauseum.

It is our desire, or downright fucking need, to have more that keeps us on the carousel 🎠 of Consumerism.

So when you get an email or a text from Amazon, saying it “noticed” you looked at those chartreuse Wellies all the best gardeners will be wearing this season, just ignore it. That is, if you can.