I slept maybe four hours before I awoke. I have been up about two hours, looking for entertainment (?) options on YouTube, as is my habit.

I caught the tail end of The Russian Orthodox Liturgy from a church in Moscow. Patriarch Kyril, Head of The Russian Orthodox Church, was there. He told a joke in his homily, which is odd for an Orthodox homily. But he is the Big Guy, so I guess he can if he wants.

Crazy Seeker, the Ukrainian metal detecting duo, were magnet “fishing” in an algae- choked pond in a swamp, somewhere in Ukraine. When the magnet wasn’t catching on submerged logs, they managed to pull up scrap iron that should have been recycled. But why recycle, when you can drive out to a swamp near Kiev, and toss it in a pond? The Ukrainian sense of fun is lost on Americans.

Finally Marina Morlock, The Russian Motor Mouth, decided to unpack her groceries for the entire cyberworld to see. It looked like she bought Russian delicacies in nice boxes that are microwavable. And we have thermonuclear weapons targeted to fall in the general proximity of where Marina lives. Really. We do.

No one is a citizen of any country anymore. Rather, we are all hostages. And we hold elections to decide who gets to hold the guns to our heads. But consider this. It’s better than having Stalin around , running things.