Wherein I rediscovered myself..

I wasn’t lost for long really. But it doesn’t take long for negative self-talk to do its damage. Plus there aren’t a lot of Sunbeams For Jesus appearing on the news these days.

I was sort of dithering around with all the stuff I ought to be doing, but wasn’t. I did not ring the bell to get off the bus at the Corner of Diet & Exercise. You know what I mean?

But finally, attributes like inner peace, calm and freedom are working their way back in. Part of being set free involves shutting off the negativity. You do not have to believe lies.

The Truth is not a “personal” thing. The Earth is not round, solely for you. It is a sphere for you, for me, for Lady Gaga, and for Donald John Trump.

But I’m walking again. I’m controlling my intake of starches, sugars, and fats. Starches and Sugars and Fats, Oh my!

I take my blood pressure daily. It is trending downward.

It’s getting better..