When I get in the groove of the discipline of praying the Holy Rosary Of The Blessed Virgin Mary, I can repeat the fruit of each Mystety from memory before I pray a decade while contemplating that Mystery.. The Fruit is the benefit that come to those devoted to The Rosary.

The most intriguing fruit of the Mysteries is the fruit accruing to The Joyful Mystery of The Nativity. That fruit is POVERTY. Poverty. What we fear almost as much as cancer or death itself. The Nativity, that joyful season,devoted to the ostentatious display of wealth.Wait. I meant the joy that accompanies the Birth of Jesus.

Yet the Religious take a vow of poverty. They do something to earn a living, everything from simply asking for donstions to making cheese or bread or wine to keep the Order, the Community functioning

Poverty, a benefit? That doesn’t mean we want the poor to go without food or clothing or shelter. Poverty. Not for others, but for ourselves.

Consider poverty delivering us from the lure, then the trap of material wealth, the accumulation of things.

Look. I’m no poster boy for this. It’s deuce difficult. I’m not telling anybody to take this road.

Choose it for yourself., as we all must do to be truly free.