It is agonizing to watch former V-P Joe Biden stumble through a speech, a Q&A session with reporters, even friendly ones, and misremember facts. Why is The Democratic Party subjecting this man to this humiliation? We notice, people, we notice.

What if the strategy isn’t about getting a man of questionable mental faculties elected President? There is the unspoken message that implies an incapacitated President Biden will resign. Then a Vice-President Harris will assume the Presidency.

He has to win for that plan to work. Another message that the Biden candidacy sends is that senility and aging is pathetic, embarrassing to the affected individual. He is a burden, not just financially and emotionally, but also in the practical terms of care, for his children and , well, heirs. Joe Biden depicts the worst fear, about aging that many people have, creeping, irreversible dementia.

They wouldn’t do that, would they? Run a mentally enfeebled man in the most visible political campaign in America? They would, if the dystopian strategists of the Democratic Party wanted to send a subtle message that euthanasia is a valid end of life choice. Remember a hundred years ago, a public relations mastermind got women smoking with a publicity stunt. That was not about politics, but it was about molding public opinion and values.

Are millions of Americans thinking, “Don’t let me get that bad that I make a fool of myself “? That sure piques interest in euthanasia, at tbe onset, voluntary, of course. It is alwaysvoluntary“. Then when the global health care budgets get tighter, and the demographic collapse looms, precipitated by the effects of the Zero Population Growth Principle, and ready access to abortion, euthanasia will no longer be voluntary. The dystopian master planners get their way, with the help of a failed politician in his dotage.