Funny how a recipe comes to me over several days of just thinking about what to do with ingredients I have on hand or could easily purchase.

I had some pasta, farfalle, bowties, and mostachioli rigate, like penne, a chicken breast and a bottle of poppy seeds. I thought a pasta and chicken salad would be nice for summer supper. I did need vegetables, summer vegetables, a local tomato, a cucumber, fresh parsley, also feta cheese. I had pine nuts I needed to use. So I chopped up the cucumber, tomato, and parsley, then diced the roasted chicken breast ( boneless, skinless, app 1lb, .454kg). I added them all to large mixing bowl.

I made a dressing from the juice of 4 lemons, plus some zest, then a half-cup (120ml) olive oil, and about 3 tablespoons poppyseeds. I blended the mixture til the oil and juice were emuldified. I poured it on the salad and mixed everything well, ( or as we say in the American South, real good).

A quick taste told me something sweet was needed and I added some fresh blueberries and walnuts , for a more pronounced nutty taste than what the pine nuts offered.

I served this pasta salad from a pasta serving bowl

J liked the pasta chicken salad. That’s what counted.