Watching the Terrier Group at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. This is Dog Porn. Nobody’s dog in the Real World looks like these. This smooth coat Fox Terrier in the ring now is gorgeous though. I have a hunch the Standard Poodle will win Best In Show. I could be wrong however. Neither of the beagles, both 13″ and 15″ won Best in the Hound Group. The Westminster Show isn’t the same without Roger Caras, who was the announcer for years and years.

They just showed the West Highland White Terrier. From the perspective to be of personal prejudice,we had one for 12 years. I loved him. Beagles and Westies are always Best in My Show.

The Christopher Guest “mockumentary” Best In Show is a great send up of dog shows.

I wonder,when they hold agility trials, if they have the dogs jump on a bed.

I just finished swimming about 8:30. I feel much better. I did 1750 meters. I’m just glad I went. I have laundry in the washer.

I might eat something in a while but maybe not