Today is J’s birthday, her 65th. We are supposed to meet her brother and his wife in Fredericksburg for brunch. Only problem is I don’t want to go.

More later on this developing story.

We drove up. Traffic on I-95 Northbound during a major holiday weekend was not bad. We departed early enough and drove only about 55 miles.

Brunch was pleasant at the hip restaurant in the converted bank. I had a black bean “burger”, declining the usual egg variants characteristic of an American “brunch”.

I wore my “red ball” cricket tie, as a conversation starter. Most people think the red ball is a Christmas tree ornament. D, J’s sister-in-law, has lived in Perth, near the WACA cricket stadium. So cricket ball was her second guess. When living in Australia, she never could get used to following the game. I said it takes a while, then one discovers how simple the game is.

The point is to keep the bowling side from taking a wicket. The batting side scores runs in the course of preventing wickets from being taken. That is pretty much it. Actually it is all I want to say about it now.

Driving home on Route 1 was uneventful, relatively fast and no where near as stressful as I-95. Those living overseas or in parts of the US of A not served by I-95, pick your nearest nightmarish Hell of a road to comprehend the East Coast experience.

I am now home, tired and glad it’s over