I was feeling more than a little tired after dinner. I went upstairs to sleep. Realistically, going to bed at 7:30 is a tad absurd, even for me. I did wake up around 9:00. Next thing I know, I’m downstairs and cricket is on, live from Adelaide, at The Oval, Day 2 of the Second Test between Australia and Pakistan. The Aussies are in control, due largely to an incredible partnership between David Warner and Marnus Labuschagne. Both had centuries. Labuschagne was bowled out at 162. He was replaced by Steven Smith. After 97 overs Australia is 434 for 2. Warner is 236 not out. I have never seen run totals like this, in my limited time following this marvelous game.

Part of the appeal of cricket, for me, is the commentary. It doesn’t have the excitement of much sports commentary and play-by-play, just a pleasant measured chat among friends.

I had the usual mix of emotions of sadness and frustration, until I turned on the game. I let it be Summer again as these two sides go at it.

Notes To Self:

1. Make a list of stuff to do.

2. Stop beating myself up.

3. Swim every day.

4. Eat right.