I don’t know what I can do to make my wife happy. If I talk with #2 son, C, who in true Asperger’s modality can’t make a seemingly simple decision, she gets all pissy. C, from her perspective, is monopolizing my time. It is stressful for me, but he is my son.

On the other hand, her “at home” mode is to sit in bed, watching 1) sappy Hallmark movies or 2), crime dramas, involving kidnapping, murder, and/or rape. Not my cup of tea. Somehow I don’t see watching cricket as a waste of time. I think it is a postive diversion, compared to Law And Order, SVU.

Obviously, I haven’t done enough to celebrate her birthday. I hate being in these situations where I can’t win. I believe this falls under the heading of “bratting”. I feel manipulated by her behavior. Well I am staying down here.