This was not der Tag, similar to that day of reckoning inagined by the German military planners of 1914. For a few hours, I did fear the collapse of civilization, as we know it. Then I went swimming. On the way to the Y, I prayed ten Hail Mary’s. And I asked for her protection,

Seriously. I did. When I see that the world’s problems are too big for humans to fix, I ask for God’s help and the Blessed Mother’s prayers and protection. That doesn’t let me or any other human off the hook from working like Trojans. But it keeps my intentions clear. Doing God’s will isn’t about what I stand to gain, in the sense of earthly praise and reward. I pretty much wasted and lost whatever credibility I had among humans after my years of drinking. Now I just try to do the right thing by doing whatever small right things I can, as they are presented to me.

And I keep it very small and simple. I try to keep quiet. And not hurt anybody physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Keeping quiet is challenge enough. Amazing how much serenity can be obtained from one decade of the Rosary. Oh, and a 43 minute swim.