RB asked me over for coffee. I went over to his house on Church Hill and had coffee, along with some oatmeal raisin cookies that he made.

And we talked. I told him every time he or his brother call, I think something bad has happened to them. He did not want a detailed elaboration on the reason for my ungrounded fear. He must have merely assumed it came with being the son of his profoundly fatalistic grandmother.

So I came home, then had lunch with J at First Watch. Adjacent to First Watch is Blythe, an upscale lingerie shop. I remarked that some of lingerie and day wear was quite attractive. I got the predictable response about her preferred comfortable stuff. (Read sexless, old lady stodgy). I let it drop. I didn’t want to die on that hill today.

She went off to check out the thrift shops and the library. I took a nap.

Any way, I have a post I want to write about packaging, but not today. Maybe tomorrow.