Another day. I am asleep. I awaken alert, seemingly well-rested, only to realize that I have barely slept five hours. After being up for about an hour and a half, I resolve to return to bed. In the slow dreamy twilight between sleep and wakefulness, J informs me that she may have clogged the loo. Oh well. Now I wonder how dire this situation might be, but a couple of good thrusts with the plunger and the situation corrects itself, so to speak.

By now, I am slowly getting more desperate for sleep, while my curiosity as to the day’s events gains even more sway in my consciousness. Curiosity leads to more dismay about the sad state of the world. (Suffice it to say we all can do better). I decide this dysfunctional planet will maintain its pathetic condition while I go back to bed. I will find cartoons on YouTube to drown out unwelcome noise. Perhaps Porky Pig stammering in the background will be the soothing voice I need to hear.

That’s all folks! (Cue zany music)