Well, the boat to Dreamland left without me. J wanted to watch TV together in bed. Sounded good. She picked an I Love Lucy DVD. No problem. I was almost asleep, almost.

Then I woke up to brush my teeth. Wouldn’t ya know it! I can’t get back to sleep, so Popeye is back in service. Olive Oyl, Bluto, Wimpy and Sweet Pea are back too. The brain is working. Hopefully the peppermint tea will relax me and I will feel drowsy again. I will let Popeye & Company do their magic.

When I was recuperating, this was part of the routine. Relaxing the body and mind is as key to my well-being now as it was then.

Christmas is coming. But first is Advent Season, and the beautiful antiphon Creator Alma Siderum is chanted. Christmas is all about hope..