This morning, J had to be at work at 0430 AM. I got my kiss good-bye, or something like a kiss, as she departed. I, now awake, started my day. I lacked any enthusiasm,however, frittered away some time ordering my prostate supplement on

I finally went back to bed, with Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation playing on the DVD machine. I awoke again as Dutch landscape painters and tulip speculators were the subject of Clark’s review.

Resolved to tidying up, I cleaned the upstairs bath, cleaned myself up, then washed and dried the towels, wash cloths and cleaning rags.

I read Shae’s blog post for today and another post from one of her followers on how women perceive their bodies around the whole weight/ sexual attraction cultural mind game thing.

I don’t really feel as if I had enough sleep, during my two sleep intervals, nothing new there. Now I have earned the chance to put my feet up, in my estimation, after my cleaning endeavours. I think another nap is in order. Maybe I will be clear headed enough to write something a bit more intelligent.