We are human beings, all of us. That we exist as humans makes us human beings. That’s is how we “be”, ontologically speaking, just as Choco, my dear departed beagle, was a canine being. He existed as a dog. If you’re into the whole transmigration of souls thing, I suspect he had the highest form of earthly consciousness possible. Dogs keep quiet about how evolved they are, lest humans explode from jealousy.

I measured my day by what I did. I went to Mass, cooked dinner,took a nap, introduced a friend to some women in recovery at an afternoon AA meeting, and cleaned up after dinner. Now I am blogging. Funny how I often think I should be doing more, as if God looks at your time card.

What mattered, today, is what I did, today. The highlight was smiling at the toddler who sat on the same pew near me with her mother at Mass. It was a simple affirmation of the gift that being alive is.