About thirty-something years ago, an out and proud gay man called me a “drama queen”. He was, of course, right. It kind of went along with drinking or being on a dry drunk,which, until July, 1994, were my two operating modes.

I would say I acquired my penchant for ad hoc theatrics from my mother, who could have given Vivien Leigh(Scarlett O’Hara. Blanche Dubois) a run for her money. Life was one drama after the other. I think God made her crazy to teach me empathy (once I got sober).

I don’t work that way much any more, except I am something of a hypochondriac in my dotage. Every quirk and anomaly means that The Big One is waiting in the wings. (Que Fred Sanford voice , clutch chest and say “I’m coming Elizabeth.”)

I went swimming this evening, planned a dinner for tomorrow while I was swimming laps. Nothing odd there. I’m planning side dishes of baked sweet potatoes and fried apples, which always go well with pork. I thought a slow cooker barbeque would be nice. If a big pit of smoldering hickory logs (to cook an entire hog) is unavailable, cooking a pork shoulder in a slow cooker is an adequate substitute. In addition to menu planning, the swim went well, a minute and a half faster over the same distance than yesterday.

I was paying mild attention to the women playing T20 cricket in the Women’s Big Bash League, but switched to trainspotting in Ashland. I will switch back just to hear the voices of the commentators. Gotta love the Aussies.

Later, Loves ❤