A good day today. I finally fell back to sleep after reliving that massage comedy. I did get up. I did go to 9:00 Mass at Our Lady of Bad Acoustics, (Mary Mother of The Church Abbey). I like the priest. He is Ugandan, with an East African accent, that is easily understandable up close, but is a challenge to follow in the cavernous abbey chapel.

After Mass, I returned home, went back to sleep. I slept about two hours. I awoke did some bathroom cleaning, then went swimming, 2500 meters again. Did 10 Kilometers (6+miles) so far this week, with another day to swim.

The weather changed, cool and cloudy, high of 70° F, very pleasant, for a change. I even wore a flannel shirt.

Back to thinking impure thoughts, and getting sleepy. Very impure.

That’s all folks.