About 2:00 AM. I woke up to prepare some fruit for J for her snack/lunch at Target. Peaches, strawberries, pineapple are sliced in a container with plenty of pineapple juice to make it real sweet. She asked me to pack her an extra. Sorrento Balanced Break© and Clif Bar© in case she has to stay later than her scheduled time.

I have an idea for chicken cooked in coconut milk served with those orange-y lentils and quinoa. I’m just thinking of a recipe idea, maybe use the slow cooker. At least I will roast the chicken breast, fix a rice curry with raisins, nuts and apple. That would be easier.

I watched the Australian and Sri Lankan Women play an ODI limited overs (50) game last night. I can’t really tell how good the Aussie Women Batswomen are, or if the Sri Lankan bowlers just are not that good. Didn’t many balls where they were asking for lbw’s. Help me out cricket fans!

I will drink some decaf and watch trains for a while.