As I write, J is tearing packing tape from its roll and sealing corrugated boxes filled with sun care products. It is the only indication in my world that summer is over. Were the pools open, an outdoor swim would in no way be a defiance of the elements. It is still warm to down right hot here. Her task for her part time job was to take down the sun care end caps in a large southeastern regional supermarket chain.

Little Boxes In The Living Room

This involved taking the product off the shelves, counting it, letting the receiving clerk take it out of store inventory, then sending it back to the wholesalers who sold it to the stores.She needed to get up early,and show up at the store to pull and count, The final touches before getting the returns to FedEX Ground meant more counting, packing and filling out forms. The boxes used to ship were not the ones used to take from the store, so we have an abundance of boxes. Now is when I wish Jodie at Succulent Savage were a neighbour. These boxes are what she needs. The house with the transitional boxes make the house look like a set from I Love Lucy.

“Lucy, where’s Little Ricky? You didn’t pack him up, I hope.”

“No Dear, He’s at Mrs Trumble’s.”

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.