I took my week off from posting. I read the usual blogs, however. I’m still somewhat disengaged from the world. That isn’t necessarily bad. Because what the plugged-in World considers engaged is watching the media outlets through which propaganda is disseminated. These outlets also use your viewership (or equivalents) to determine advertising rates, for all forms of media from print to the internet.

Emotionally and rationally there is still a lot going on with me. Today 4 October marks the 39th anniversary of the day ex-wife #2 and I were married.

1980 was an election year. I remember my dear friend and mentor Bill R was there with a Cranston lapel pin prominently displayed (Allen Cranston D-CA was a prominent liberal Senator of that era). Nobody took the prospect of a Reagan victory seriously. So liberals, like ex-wife #2 and me, were surprised when Reagan won. We said publicly we were surprised. We all deep down knew that Carter had made a mess of things and was doomed

But that marriage was more about mental illness and alcohol than politics. So when 4 October rolls around, I seem to revisit the pain, more than anything else.

More on lots of stuff later.