I turned off the TV. The Smartphone is next after this post. I’m tired. I’m sick of most of the crap I see or read or hear about in this country, from automobiles to politicians to the cowardly bishops in the American episcopate of the Roman Catholic Church.

Mostly just tired. J has a second job. She took a week off job #1 to take down “sun care” endcaps in the area Publix Stores, (They are a chain out of Florida, nice stores). She has only about seven stores but these are huge undertaking. The shelves are crammed with bottles and tubes and aerosol cans of sun tan lotions. Plenty left over. Evidently melanoma won out this Summer around here. It’s a six hour job taking the junk down, counting it, letting the receiving clerk take it out of stock and boxing it.

So I’ve been sitting around getting frustrated about being more or less ignored. I’m feeling crazy. Stuff that shouldn’t bother me is bothering me. I need to sleep.