Maybe looking at the world through the prism of conflict and struggle between or among parties or factions supposedly in opposition isn’t a particularly valuable or useful way of assessing the state of the world.

I fear that many of us have lost the ability to see or think beyond that paradigm. Consider how much of your world view is colored by such an assessment. Is there or can there be another way of looking at things?

There just might not be the conflict “out there” in the world that you are told exists. Where such conflicts live are “between your ears” and somebody put them there. Some, but not all of the culprits are political parties, so-called “activists”, Marxist educators, Madison Avenue, Clergy of all creeds, Hell, even Satan himself, (if you are a believer).

We all need to honestly look at how we think. And it is deuce difficult. This kind of introspection leaves open the possibility that we might have been wrong at some point in time. This kind of introspection takes honesty, courage, tolerance, and kindness because we are all people up to the same silly self-defeating game.

Just think about it, OK?