Here it is 6:06 AM. I’ve made my coffee, have black beans in the pressure cooker. Popeye the Sailor is on, in one of the Technicolor longer cartoons from the Thirties. It is an Arabian Nights story, the Fleischer Studios version of Ali Baba And The 40 Thieves. Now we have a Fleischer Studios version of Superman from 1941. Kinda cool. I have never seen this before. Seems to be the typical mad scientist story. It is a beautifully drawn cartoon, in the Fleischer Studios tradition.

J works her other job today, I’m having the collards, hearts of palm black bean dinner with Cuban roast pork. I could surprise her with tres leches cake for dessert. That would constitute serious spoiling. Better to wait till I get my Social Security money in eleven days.

Time to pack her lunch.