I got up. I cranked up the pressure cooker, cooked the black beans, then the collards. I was surprised at how easy it is to fix collards in the pressure cooker. The rinsing, slicing and chopping take the most time. I froze roughly half of the cooked collards. I did a variant of the Fannie Farmer Cookbook (Knopf, 2014) braised collard recipe. I had some herb and garlic infused olive oil that I used to braise the cooked collards in. When they were ready, I served them with hearts of palm. The flavors complement each other quite well.

Laundry was the major housework today in addition to the food preparation and cooking. All done until I take the sweaty clothes off, that I’m wearing now.

As the title says I went to Confession, acknowledging about nine months of bad behavior. A Priest friend of my sister says hearing confessions is like being beaten to death with a feather, meaning tht most of the transgressions confessed aren’t about horrendous deeds committed,just a slow accumulation of actions that pull us further away from God. But the slow alienation hurts us.

Dinner, with Cuban roast pork was satisfying. I used a different mojo criollojo than usual going with one used by the South Florida Cuban restaurant, La Lechenera. I prefer it over the Goya bottled brand, now that I have used it.

It is almost Eight PM. I am tired. I have to fix Waldorf chicken salad for J’s lunch tomorrow. Let me get the chicken breasts in the oven.