It was a good day. The usual activities figured into the mix, AA, swimming, laundry. J wanted to go out to eat so we went to a seafood joint, Awful Arthur’s. It is an ok place, locally owned. The food is good, not great, but good. I had the fish sandwich, J had scallops.

I put off swimming til around 630. My goal was to swim a mile 5 times this week. I swam 5 days on a row.

When I got home J wanted me to watch I Love Lucy with her, I did, through three or four episodes. I was aching so I got up, to apply pain patches, btush my teeth, floss, and use my fluoride rinse. By then I was wide awake. It is still early.

Now I am watching Bendita Tentacion, where Mexican women show sex toys and trashy lingerie. It is a surprisingly fun show. I suspect it is particularly interesting if one understands Spanish. Mexican women don’t seem to have many hang-ups about their weight, but I may simply be inferring that from the size of their models.

They have the usual sex toys on display, dildoes, harnesses, vibrators. Nothing is shown that has not been shown North of The Border.

I’m tired. Going back to bed.