This Daddy/little girl dynamic is most intriguing. I find myself growing into the “Daddy” side of the dynamic. Today, she did not eat her lunch because she worked under six hours. After her work, we met at First Watch for lunch. When we got home, her Waldorf chicken salad felt warm and her ice pack lunch sack was basically room temperature. I told her I thought it would be OK to save, but the more I thought about the less confident I felt about sending it with her another time.

“J, I think I should just make you new chicken salad. I’m throwing the old stuff out.”

“Thank you for doing that.”

I have some small container-sized blue ice blocks that I will now use in addition to her cold-pack lunch kit.

I found a Disney cartoon DVD at the library today, Ichabod And Mr Toad. These are retelling of The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow and The Wind In The Willows. What little girl doesn’t like Mr Toad and Company? I mean they are cute, as I remember them. I reserved a copy of the movie Anne Of Green Gables for her at the library.

When I went to Target, I found Peppridge Farm Cookies on sale so I bought two packages. She likes the Tate’s Bake Shop ones but I think those will be a special treat.

I don’t think she is conscious to a lot of these “little” characteristics. And if she were aware of any “age play” characteristics, I think she would be resistant. But letting out this part of herself isn’t necessarily a conscious process.

I want this to be more than a game. I want her to feel protected as she never has felt before.