In my last post, I posited I could go sleep for three hours, wake up and I will have missed very little from Australia’s innings. My conclusion is “mixed”. The Green Tops scored over 100 runs. The English took only 1 wicket. The big story was Steve Smith going out “injured” after being hit by Jafra Archer’s bouncer. Smith was decked by it; he was removed for a medical evaluation, and returned after Peter Siddle was out. Smith left at 80, made 12 more before being out lbw.

I watched Australia make a good run at the English. The loss of Smith was clearly significant. Had Smith remained, the result would have been different in all. Likelihood, given tbat Steve Smith has been the dominant batsman in the series. Comparisons to have been made to Sir Donald Bradman, the greatest ever of the batsmen.

I am amazed at my ability to blather on about cricket after only about ten week immersion into the game.

I have things to do today. I need to get some meds at the pharmacy, and do some cookie shopping for J, also shop dinner for tonight or tomorrow.