Here we are. This is Test Match #2 of The 2019 Ashes Series. It’s called The Ashes because way back when the series began, the Aussies beat the English so badly the sporting press declared English Cricket to be a smouldering ruin. The metaphor stuck and it was then decided that the trophy battled for would therafter be known as The Urn.

It looks like a nice day. I’m sure that will change. The match is at Lord’s, a venerable cricket ground, with the original architecture, evocative Queen Victoria and the glories of Empire.

Cricketers, among the world’s athletes have a unique look. They are lean, tall, and sinewy. The men could all be models for men’s fashions. I suppose if men’s fashions weren’t an absolute wasteland, they could all find work. Style, for men, has been on life support for years now. The tyranny of the tee shirt grips the world. Go to any mall, look at the males, you will see what I mean.

I didn’t really decide to watch the day’s “action” (cricket and action seem to be in conflict at times). I woke up after 4 hours sleep and decided i would just stay up. Just a few minutes ago, Matthew Wade of Australia was caught out in a nifty bit of fielding.

I assessed my progress in clearing the mess out. I see that I am getting somewhere. J will be up in about an hour

Last night’s shower before bed was welcome, making the clean sheets feel all that much nicer.

I could back to bed, sleep another three hours, wake up, turn to the match again and find that I have missed very little. So I am going back to bed to test my hypothesis.