What do you do with your junk mail? I let it pile up, remorseful that I haven’t acted on it. Mostly it seems like charitable solicitations, insurance offers, and flyers for tours of the Rhineland, Antarctica,Egypt. Seems like the only place I don’t get a tour offer about is the Gulag Archipelago.

I spent the afternoon, whittling down this pile. It is quite a tedious chore. And there is more to be done. But I’ve just had enough.

I fixed homemade macaroni & cheese,only my recipe is more like cheese and macaroni. I don’t really know much cheddar I grated, but it was a lot. I use light cream in the sauce too. And regular old starchy macaroni, with plenty of gluten. Normally I avoid wheat, but exceptions exists, like for homemade Mac & Cheese.

So it is 1900 Hrs, 7:00 PM. Dinner has been prepared, served, and cleaned up. J is in bed, tired from work, sore also. She appreciates what I do. I found another of her stuffies, put it on the bed. She is grateful for the clean sheets.

I’m watching Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation, the segment on Erasmus, The Reformation, Dürer, Montaigne, and Shakespeare. Next up will be The Counter-Reformation.

My body is aching, yearning for love. It is still a ways away.