Yes! I went back to sleep after my 0330 wake up. I sat down only to discover that England and Australia had sat down for a spot of lunch. Then, to no one’s surprise, there came rain. England, you know. I surfed around, picked up the latest news on the Catholic clergy sex abuse scandal. I fixed a “clean-out”omelette, finishing off the mushrooms and sour cream that needed using up.

At one point, I decided to change the sheets, including rotating the mattress, no small feat with a queen. Sheets have been changed, bed frame polished, room dusted. Now I sit.

I got tired of J spending $3.36 at Dunkin’ Donuts for an iced tea every bloody day. It wasn’t so much the money as it was the friggin’ plastic cup, she got every damn time that make up 20% (?) of our recyclables. So I saved a lid, found a cup that it would fit and sent her off to work.This is the iced tea, I make for her, that she drinks as the alternative. Fuck that. The iced tea expense is absurd. It is over.

I will swim some time today, if the weather holds up.

Right now I am sitting with no TV on, no music playing, just some insects chirping outside. Lying down and the sheets are clean.