Discussing Some Sexuality Stuff.

I had brunch today. Alone. At home. I slept til almost noon. Then I read http://ddjennifer Domestic Discipline Jenny Style episodes 311 and 312. She always has an interesting read. Upon realizing I needed to eat, I fixed huevos rancheros, fresh coffee and a fruit salad. It would have been nicer, had J been here, but she is at work and will be til after 8:30.

I’m reading Olivia’s post about toothbrushes.http://oliviasubmits Is it just me? . It is highly interesting, particularly the comments.

I’ve done some stretches, feel better. I enjoyed my brunch. My immediate goal is to finish my coffee before it gets cold. This is not trivial. My finishing a cup of coffee while still hot is about being “in the moment”, without some jive-ass need to multitask.

So I’m posting this, getting my coffee, and watching The Loving BDSM podcast on YouTube. Later. Yeah multitasking again (insert emojis)🎅😀🐭