As I sit with my ice pack across my shoulder, I feel encouraged that the pinched nerve drama is entering the final act. As dramas go, it is turning out to be comedy, because there is a happy ending. I’m not going to die and I am keeping all my limbs and their respective functions (insert smiley face) ☺.

What has helped is a stretch. Matt the PT showed me one that stretches the right muscles, restoring the way it ought to be. It is not a “1 and done” proposition, but all I need to do is stretch it every hour or so for ten minutes. I’m working up to that ten minutes.

The other magic aspect of PT wss the appearance of a therapy service dog. She belongs to one of the other patients. Her job is help people chill out, by simply being a sweet and attentive dog. I petted her and she leaned into my legs as if she had known me forever. Just remarkable the difference this dog made.