I had a chance to go to the Y before thunderstorms got in the way. And I accomplished the mission, with a 1750 meters swim.

Post swim, I showered, shaved, got to Publix, and bought a Stouffer’s Macaroni & Cheese. At our house, this is the go-to comfort food.

I have been doing the “magic” stretch that Matt The PT showed me yesterday. The stretch is producing results. I’m moving back to life before the pinched nerve. Now, after the swim I have ice on the sore places and my body seems to be responding to the physical therapy, the exercise, and the self-care and aftercare.

I noticed my posture was not helping this pinched nerve heal. I look down a lot, usually at my Smartphone. And when I hold my head up I notice some pain and so I tend to hold my head in a position that doesn’t aggravate the nerve.

As my Dad the Marine Officer used to “admonish” me, “Stand up straight.”

Aye aye, Colonel.