Well shucks, I am still awake. I have a cold pack on my shoulder. I’m watching old cartoons on YouTube. I fixed tacos tonight. From a kit. To tell you the truth, they weren’t bad. I fixed J’s lunch. Tuna salad, mixed fruit compote, some snacks, like cookies,store bought, high end Pepperidge Farm.

Every time I watch the Democratic politicians, I see men and women, whose world is falling apart and they have no way to stop it. I am reminded of then Alabama Governor George Wallace, also a Democrat, standing in a doorway to block integration of the University of Alabama. I am reminded of the Soviet military trying to stop the collapse of the Communist dictatorship in a failed coup thwarted by Boris Yeltsin.

I also think of the brave forgotten Chinese student who tried to stare down a tank in Tienamen Square in 1989. Yeah, sometimes raw naked power still wins. And the Communist state survives in China, ironically supported by global capitalists, and the Holy See of Cardinal Bergoglio (Pope Francis).

It is a crazy world and the narratives that CNN or The New York Times, among others, try to promote as fact are failing to gain traction. People don’t accept what they present as fact without question. Scepticism reigns. And as more of the “Russia collusion” story is shown to be a fabrication, the Democratic Leadership is resorting to bluster and gesture, like their deceased forbearer George Corley Wallace.

The Götterdämmerung of American liberal progressivism is happening now. The repudiation of abortion by Millenials, while pro-choice politicians, like Andrew Cuomo, who support third trimester abortions, is one example. Consider,for example, the success of the film Unplanned or the pro-life rally recently held in Times Square. The liberal progressive decline goes beyond abortion, but abortion reflects so much. China has all but admitted that their “One Child Policy”, that has abortion as the keystone, has set the stage for a demographic collapse. In simplest terms, the abortion ethos is a prescription for cultural extinction, if not other iterations .

What is happening in both the United States and the world at large doesn’t fit the globalist paradigms promoted since the end of World War Two. The global deliberative body, the United Nations, or extranational ruling polities like the European Union are declining. National sovereignty has renewed support among many nations in Europe, Hungary, Poland, Italy, to name three.

The rhetoric used to besmirch the critics of globalism, “right wing populists”, for example, doesn’t turn people away from nationalist parties with the power they once did.

Oblivion is a long road. And a slow trek.