A teaser. Where should I go with this?

Desire is a quirky funny thing, he thought. He had seen her every work day for what? A year. Without a second thought he passed her cubicle, until he noticed the picture of that guy was no longer on her desk,the one of the two of them at Cancun or Negril or some other Drink Served In A Pineapple With A Tiny Paper Umbrella Resort Place. His antennae perked up, more than those fictional antennae, frankly. It was her look that attracted him, but would she surrender to him, or he to her?

He felt completely awkward because he had always assumed she was unavailable. Now, he wondered if he had enough small talk left in him for flirtation, let alone seduction. So he pondered his new dilemma in between his rather near automatic attention to the annual audit of a paving contractor that occupied his professional time. He knew the business like he knew the ruts and divots of his boringly verdant backyard he dutifully mowed every weekend from April through October.

The following day he greeted her as he strode by her cubicle on the way to his office.

“Good morning, Ms. Higginbotham.” Better than ignoring her, thought he.

“Please call me Artie,” she replied. No need for too much formality, Mr Albright.”

“And you may call me Dwight.”

“Either your mother liked rhymes or your Father liked Eisenhower. Which is it?”

“Both, actually. I’m twice blessed with embarrassing parents.”

“Aren’t we all? That’s the only way they come, is it not?”

Where there’s banter, there’s hope, he reasoned silently. Perhaps she wants to play.