NSFW. A brief dialogue


Naked. Paddled. Sodomized. By a man she knew for a little under twenty four hours. She felt the burn in her buttocks. She wondered where her dignity went, why she gave it away.

The Captain walked back in with a damp washcloth, a towel, a box of tissues and arnica gel. He put them aside, covered her with a blanket, then held her.

“I know you are feeling a lot of things, not just the heat from the paddling.”

“Is this where I open up after this profound, cathartic experience?”

“Only if you want to.”

“You paddled me like a ten year old brat.” She sniffled.

“Yes, I did.”

“You tell me I want and need this.”

“You do. And it’s not like you can get spankings like you can a pedicure. The spankings are the story within you. It’s as simple or as complex as that. And some stories have to be told.”

“So getting my butt warmed is my version of what, The Odyssey?”

“In a way. After all, it’s your journey; how you got here.”

” How about just giving me a tissue?”