I grew up Presbyterian, Southern Presbyterian, in the Fifties and Sixties. The Catholics were the figurative “bad guys” in those days. Lent was a time that the Catholics, but nobody in their right mind, (Presbyterians) would observe.

So now, after fifty plus years, seems like everybody has a little skin in the Lenten game. As an Episcopalian, I noted the Lenten observance had some degree of rigor.

Now, as a Catholic, I am more than eager to deepen my relationship with God, God expressed in The Most Holy Trinity.

So giving something up is bandied about these days. No candy bars, coffee,alcohol, meat, tobacco, whatever. But simply giving something up, in itself, does very little to deepen that bond of love.

What is apparent to me is my attachment to stuff, also known as “material things”. Clothes, for example, or books, DVD’s, CD’s, furniture. Stuff takes up a lot of space. Somebody might make better use of my stuff than I have or would.

So it is time to give stuff away, and also not buy anymore. That’s Lent for me. Me and Detachment, really? Here goes.