I have had more than enough drama around my weight. In the past thirteen years I have brought my weight down from the 214-223 lbs range to the 170-180 lbs range three times. I attribute these fluctuations to 1) the idea that it’s no big deal being overweight and 2) taking great comfort in eating. From my perspective, all food is “comfort food”. Finally, in October 2018, I understood that such a cavalier attitude had the potential to destroy.

Back to Weight Watchers (WW) I went. When one reaches goal weight, their sizable resources on weight management and healthy living are available at no cost. NO. COST.

I am back being there for FREE.

What I do toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle is so satisfying, from swimming to eating healthfully and mindfully. Why would I ever want to change?

The positive attitude toward my body is a catalyst for positive attitudes around my sexuality. So, on this St Valentine’s Day, I am going back exploring in the ever mysterious Forest of Aphrodite. I will pack my lunch (healthy, of course) and my compass.

Later, Loves 💘